Alleyha Dannette

Alleyha Dannett (they/she) is a community herbalist, Afro-Indigenous healing practitioner, cultural worker, and multi-dimensional Digital Communications Specialist. Born in Connecticut with roots in South Carolina and the Caribbean, they have spent their professional career crafting immersive, healing, virtual & IRL spaces for Black folks and designing comprehensive digital communications systems rooted in holistic, radical Black Liberatory practices. With a passion for Ashwagandha, Intuition, & Abolition, Alleyha is a humble student and earth steward invested in holding space for the Austin Justice Coalition’s potent endeavors and being in service to the Black and Brown folks of Austin, Texas. They view Digital Communications as a realm of vast possibility, radical reclamation, and vital subversion of colonial narratives & propaganda. They are honored to co-create and root into the work of transmitting much-needed messages of Black Wholeness and freedom dreams.


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