Become a Team Lead for D.O.P.E

D.O.P.E. Is the Austin Justice Coalition’s new district organizing project.

DOPE aims to transform the way we engage and organize with each other and within communities. It’s NOT a campaign. It creates space for the praxis of construction and new ways of being. Through DOPE, we practice building and transforming with long term vision. It is decolonial. It’s beyond politics.

What is the role of the team lead?

A team lead will collaborate directly with AJC and lead in the organizing of their DOPE team, and facilitate the creation of engagement plans for their district. They will check-in with AJC and report back with updates and plans. They will organize events in collaboration with their team and with AJC.

We are offering team leads:

– $30/HR for an estimated 20 hrs / month
– An organizing budget of up to $1200 per quarter in 2021

We are looking for:

– BIPOC people who enjoy building relationships and/or already have established relationships within the district;

– A desire to promote change within the community, passionate about issues like social and environmental justice, voting rights, mobility and education justice, among other issues. Does not need to be knowledgeable about all of these issues, only interested in collaborating to effect change.

– A person who’s lived experience encompasses common economic or social challenges faced by working class or BIPOC people.

– Willingness to collaborate with AJC and commitment to upholding and championing AJC’s core policy goals and wins throughout the city: examples include: Reimagine public safety, justice for the unhoused community, transit and mobility justice, desire to prevent displacement.

– Willingness to take on a leadership role, previous experience with leadership or willingness to grow into a leadership role. Including the capacity to listen,  make space for, and build collaboratively with other team members.

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