Chas Moore

Founder of Austin Justice Coalition, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and grassroots, activist-led organization aimed at demanding criminal justice reform and building community at the local, state, and national levels.

His key passions include:

  • criminal justice reform
  • creating spaces for activists, leaders, and organizers of color to lead
  • implementing progressive and “best-practice” policies in local entities
  • community empowerment through community service and education
  • educating youth of color about a more inclusive history of their cultures
  • organizing and challenging community members to get civically engaged
  • speaking to high-school and college students about the value and importance of their voices in creating a “better tomorrow.”

Before devoting his work full-time to the creation and growth of Austin Justice Coalition, Chas served as a student activist fighting many social issues at The University of Texas at Austin and in the broader Austin Community.

An advocate for the underserved, Chas champions efforts that deliberately meet community needs like back-to-school drives, fundraisers for those who have been brutalized by police, feeding the hungry, and pioneering programs for black youth, men and women.

As Austin Justice Coalition Founder/ Executive Director, Chas has continued to leverage his connections within city government, the police department, the DA’s office, community organizations, and a myriad of others in AJC’s extensive network to bring positive change.

In addition to organizing and being an agent for change, Chas enjoys good food and a good, old-fashioned book to read. A proven foodie and streetwise academic, on any given day one may find Chas patronizing the best spots to eat in Austin while reading memoirs of those who are impacting change.