The Complete Communities Initiative begins with two central questions:
1) How can we undo the legacy of segregation in Austin?
2) How can we heal as a community?

This initiative will involve a sustained effort to listen to those in our communities that have been most impacted by segregation and displacement, equipping them with the tools needed to engage in the ongoing housing conversation, make informed choices, and hold elected officials accountable. Through this process, we intend to provide the city with policy proposals that can move us closer to resolving the above stated questions.

What Makes a Complete Community ?
  • Complete communities value all of their members.
  • Complete communities do not displace people in the interest of profit margins.
  • Complete communities do not endorse policies that lead to generations of economic segregation.
  • Complete communities allow people the freedom to choose where to live, but do not free them from responsibilities to their neighbors or to the communities they have moved into: a complete community values its legacies.

What does a complete community look like? (Think about it). It will be our task to dream this community together. And together, it will be our responsibility to build.