DOPE will provide an opportunity for new leaders and community organizers to collaborate closely with AJC in district teams, coordinate community events, create action plans for their districts, and develop + sustain ongoing relationships with the communities we serve. No previous experience with organizing is necessary. We invite anyone who is interested in engaging with other advocates and organizers, developing their leadership skills, and excited about creating opportunities to serve their communities on a district-level. Anyone  can sign up to join a district team. BIPOC participants will have the opportunity to step into DOPE Team Lead roles. Show up at our informational to learn more about roles & commitment.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new grassroots organizing strategy, DOPE (District Organizing: Project Engage)! DOPE will build community power in every district andinvest in deepening trust and relationships with the communities we serve in order to maximize our mobilization efforts, maintain a community informed and led strategy and, shift the balance of who shows up in Austin for real progressive wins.

This is what informs the D.O.P.E vision:

DOPE aims to transform the way we engage and organize with each other and within communities. It’s NOT a campaign. It creates space for the praxis of construction and new ways of being. Through DOPE, we practice building and transforming with long term vision. It is decolonial. It’s beyond politics.

It is inspired by and rooted in Black and Indigenous cultural knowledge and organizing.

In practical terms, this means a plan mobilize and build community power by COA districts with BIPOC leadership in order to:

  • develop and invest in ongoing community relationships in each district, 
  • increase engagement with non voters, youth, and elders of color, 
  • build leadership to effect systems transformation at the municipal level, 
  • build a grassroots ground strategy to promote and advance AJC’s social justice agenda.

Every district will have a team lead that coordinates and works directly with AJC, while the district team of volunteers will be encouraged to help envision, design and execute a plan to engage with people in their district.  Every lead will receive a stipend for their time and every team will have access to resources to fund events, meetings and materials that work towards executing the plan they envision for their district.

We hope to have district teams up and running by January 2022 and, we are taking into consideration the current redistricting process.