Imagine A World Without Police , Ep. 3 “Housing, Homelessness, and Policing”

Every Wednesday, the Austin Justice Coalition will host a community conversation with special guests, inviting participants to challenge their assumptions about public safety and the public good, and imagining a World Without Police.

What would the world look like without housing segregation or source of income discrimination? What would a world look like if we did not treat people as disposable, or as useless surplus? What would housing policy look like, if we valued human life and dignity above the sanctity of the market? For our third episode, we will discuss the many ways in housing, segregation, and homelessness overlap with ongoing police violence, and we will begin to imagine alternatives to the pattern of social exclusion and violence.

Our special guests for this episode will be, Shoshana Krieger (BASTA), Matthew Mollica (ECHO), Maggie Luna(TCJC), Chris Harris (Texas Appleseed), along with Joao Paulo and Kendra, who co-lead the Housing and COmmunity Development team at AJC.

The event is finished.

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