Imagining A World Without Police: Policing and Social Work

Every Wednesday, the Austin Justice Coalition will host a community conversation with special guests, inviting participants to challenge their assumptions about public safety and the public good, and imagining a World Without Police.

For our second episode, this Wednesday, we will explore the connections between policing and social work: How do social workers reinforce the carceral police state, and how can social workers help to abolish it? What are the experiences and perspectives that social workers bring to a World Without Police? A recent letter to City Council signed by over 170 social workers, stated that “Social workers are required to support social justice for individuals and communities as part of our practice and in accordance with our ethical standards.” With this perspective in mind, our “Policing and Social Work” episode will feature a conversation with Nakia Winfield, MSW, Rachel Manning, MSW, Kerry-Ann Zamore Frazier, LCSW and Becca Hyatt, LMSW, alongside Chas Moore and Joao Paulo from AJC.


The event is finished.

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