Mind Check: Black Mental Wellness During ‘Rona – “Protecting Your Peace, While in the House”

The current health crisis has brought about many unanticipated changes and for some, great tragedy. For the black community in particular, access to necessities such as healthy food, social support, and appropriate healthcare, has been limited. All of this is compounded by decades of systemic inequities resulting in significant negative physical and mental health consequences for black people. As a result, many of us are experiencing increased symptoms of anxiety and depression, feelings of loneliness and hopelessness, more conflict with loved ones and housemates, grief, and higher rates of mortality. Given all of this combined with the looming uncertainty about life after quarantine, it makes sense that we are finding it harder and harder to maintain peace and think positively. 


We understand that everyone copes with this differently; some ways being helpful and others not so helpful (e.g., excessive drinking and social media use). The purpose of the Mind Check is to create a safe space for people to come together and receive valuable information and support that will help us all thrive through this time. This series is designed to meet the evolving needs of the black community. However, we welcome attendees from all racial and cultural backgrounds. 


The first topic/ discussion of this series is:


“Protecting Your Peace, While in the House”

As the nationwide quarantine continues, many individuals are finding it more difficult to find peace in their own homes. If you’re feeling more restless and stressed out, you are not alone. Join us for the first workshop of our Mind Check series. In this 60-minute webinar we’ll help you:

1) identify sources of stress

2) learn ways to cope with stress in the moment

3) implement practices and rituals to invite more peace into your home.


Featured guests:

– Meagan Harding, Co-founder, Rosa Rebellion

– DeRay McKesson, Civil Rights Activist

– Makeda Moore, MS, PhD Candidate, University of Florida

The event is finished.

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