Mind Check: Black Mental Wellness During ‘Rona – The Reality of “Productivity”

A partnership between Austin Justice Coalition, Minds Over Melanin, Rosa Rebellion and many others, this virtual gathering serves to offer the Black community a space to check in with themselves, in the midst of an unprecedented and unsettling time for many across the globe, as we navigate COVID-19 and continued systemic inequities. Mind Check is a digital space we  hope offers the Black Diaspora connection, community and tools to equip and empower our us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


The topic of discussion for this installment of the series is:


The Reality of “Productivity”

We have been trained to measure the quality of our daily activities through the lenses of productivity. In the face of COVID-19 have you experienced emotional or mental distress in response to a decline in productivity? In this webinar we will discuss:

1) the origin and purpose of productivity

2) how to identify the role of productivity in your life, and

3) strategies to guide quality into daily experiences.   


Featured guests:

Ewune Ewane, Licensed Psychological Associate, Founder of Mind Over Melanin, @mindsovermelanin

Erinesha Hamilton, CEO of Slick, @sliickrelaxfit

Gary Williams, Award-winning Photographer and Co-founder of Creative Theory, @masterwilliams

The event is finished.

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