Housing and Mobility Justice

What We Do

Spaces For People to Thrive

AJC’s housing and mobility justice work champions the creation of spaces where people can thrive and access the resources and opportunities to lead lives of dignity—safe from violence, fear, and coercion. We cannot work to reimagine our systems of justice without also challenging structures of urban segregation, displacement, and artificial scarcity which reinforce the status quo and control and limit access to public space and amenities. We bring an active anti-racist perspective to urban planning issues and prioritize policies that support those who have been historically neglected, targeted, and disenfranchised by the status quo in Austin.

Access to Safe, Dignified, and Equitable Housing

We believe that all people deserve access to safe, dignified, and equitable housing. This includes undoing the legacies of segregation, resisting displacement, and securing spaces and territories in all parts of the city that are well-connected to the resources people need in order to thrive. We believe that accessibility, high quality public transit, bike infrastructure, and safe sidewalks are all inseparable from the broader effort to build communities that are free from carbon dependence, free from patterns of police violence, economic segregation, and educational inequality. Housing is a nexus that touches all struggles for justice, autonomy.

Recent Work

Some of our recent work on housing and mobility justice includes:

Our Recent Projects

Housing and Mobility

Our Past Work

Here is a selection of some past projects.

Land Development Code Rewrite

Work on the City of Austin’s Land Development Code Rewrite

Equity in Project Connect

Advocating for equity measures in Project Connect - creation of CAC, $300 million for anti displacement, board seat structure, etc