Ishia Lynette

Ishia Lynette (she/her) is Austin Justice Coalitions, Asso. Director of Communications. By way of El Paso, Texas, Ishia moved to Austin in 2012 and has called it home since. She is a creative writer with a deep love for poetry and uses her past lessons and current happiness as inspiration to craft words that heal others. Ishia believes words are one of the most powerful tools a human has and finds purpose in using them to connect with others in her community. With 8 years of experience in social media marketing, Ishia has been pivotal in growing AJC’s digital presence across all platforms.

Ishia is all about expansion and has plans to use her love of collaboration, leadership skills, intricate attention to detail, and practice of cultural care to reach new levels with Austin Justice Coalition.

In her free time, she likes to travel, eat good, and nurture her body and mind through workouts, outdoor activities, and spiritual practices.

Ishia believes social media can be a great asset to share one’s perspective on life and when used correctly it can spark the change in another human’s life.“We live in an era where information is golden, and technology has made it easier for us as humans to change life as we know it. It’s harder to keep the brutality and injustices going on in our communities hidden, and those who were once voiceless can share their view on life through different platforms. The world can no longer ignore us.”

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