Ishia Lynette

Ishia Lynette is Austin Justice Coalitions Social Media Manager and Community Service Director. An El Paso native who moved to Austin in 2012, she began to notice commonalities happening in minority/marginalized communities and decided to use her voice to make a change. Her inspiration for her work in AJC is her father who is a single black male that raised 5 children and faced many struggles as a black man in America, her late great-grandmother who taught her to always speak her mind and to stay strong in spirit, and her two nephews who keep her grounded, and give her strength to make their future better.

Ishia believes social media can be a great asset to share one’s perspective on life and when used correctly it can spark the change in another human’s life.“We live in an era where information is golden, and technology has made it easier for us as humans to change life as we know it. It’s harder to keep the brutality and injustices going on in our communities hidden, and those who were once voiceless can share their view on life through different platforms. The world can no longer ignore us.”

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