“Austin Justice Coalition calling to continue equity conversation after AISD school closure vote”


AUSTIN, Texas — Nearly a dozen people discussed the Austin ISD school changes vote with Austin Justice Coalition Sunday evening and how to continue making changes to achieve equity in the district’s classrooms.

The vote by AISD Board of Trustees will close four schools in the district. People in the meeting called the changes ‘racist’ and inequitable to students. The attendees defined equity as making sure all students of all backgrounds meet the same standard of education throughout the entire district.”

“AISD and Austin have a racist history; those things need to be acknowledged, and then we need to move forward,” Amber Watts, the Program Director of Higher Learning at Austin Justice Coalition, said. “[We want] to make equity not just a focus right now on school changes and school closures, but a focus for AISD period.”

Full report: https://www.kvue.com/article/news/education/schools/austin-isd-justice-coalition-equity-vote-discussion/269-08f49e7d-e530-403c-a239-93c7c786bb1f


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