YouGov Poll Results Show Support for Reimagining Public Safety

Poll administered by YouGov, commissioned by Austin Justice Coalition.

The Austin Justice Coalition today released an opinion poll showing strong support for police budget cuts, and especially for cutting all the currently unfilled positions and police overtime.

The Austin public strongly supports alternatives to police for mental health first response, substance abuse, and homelessness and an end to the war on drugs. In addition, there is overwhelming support for an independent crime lab and for improved services for survivors of crime.

Assessment of Austin Police Department Calls for Service

AH Datalytics – July 2020 Report

This assessment was compiled using Calls for Service data from the Austin Police Department covering January 2019 through June 2020.

This dataset encompassed 1,017,576 Calls for Service which were broken up into 7 overarching categories and 45 separate subcategories for further analysis.

#WeFund Community Budget Results

Budgeting Tool for the People of Austin, by AJC, JustLiberty, TFDP and Texas Appleseed

Report and survey results coming soon!

Community Voices Survey

A Partnership between AJC, the Urban Institute, and the Colony Park Community.

Data collected from Wednesday, July 26th to Saturday, July 29th

In total, 74 residents were surveyed, 73 surveys were from unique
households, and researchers obtained 72 fully completed surveys


Police Union Contract Project

How police union contracts make it more difficult to hold officer accountable for misconduct.

Police Union Contract Project - Learn how Police Union Contracts make it difficult to hold police officers accountable for misconduct.

Police contracts can create barriers to just and safe policing or provide guidance and structures that hold law enforcement accountable to communities. The contract negotiations process itself can provide a rare opening for community demands to be heard.