We’re at @TravisCountyTX demanding no new women’s jail!

We’re calling for a moratorium on the jail “master plan” and a justice reinvestment plan led by most impacted communities.

Proposed Map for Sanctioned Campsites Perpetuates Austin’s Racist History.

My Democratic colleagues and I just walked out of the House chamber.

We broke quorum to kill SB 7, the Texas voter suppression bill.

Good trouble. Necessary trouble. #txlege

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We don’t need a women’s jail when there are currently only 150 women in jail in Travis County. Call the Travis County Commissioners Court and tell them to #voteno on spending 80 million into a new women’s jail. Tell them to support the Justice Reinvestment Plan instead. We need solutions, not cages! #austinjusticecoalition #notowomensjail ...
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Reimagine Public Safety: A Community Conversation ...
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One year ago today George Floyd took his last breath and with it, lit the fire in the hearts and souls of people all over the world. With his last breath, he reignited a movement and shined a light on the dark corners of our culture where police violence goes unchecked and Black lives go unaccounted for. His legacy is hope across the world and reverence for breath. Not only do we keep George Floyd's family and community in our thoughts but we organize and advocate every day until GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS is not a rare occurrence, until Black and Brown children and their mothers do not fear for their lives when they leave their homes, until our descendents study this thing from their history books called "the police" and write papers on the movements and those of us that fought to dismantle it so their futures would be safe, happy, and resourced.Austin Justice Coalition will continue to organize, agitate and advocate for peace and justice everyday, to honor George Floyd's legacy and the legacy of the countless others whose lives have been stolen by police. SAY HIS NAME. #sayhisname #sayhername #saytheirnames#GeorgeFloyd#AlexGonzales#MikeRamos#SandraBland#BreonnaTaylor#TamirRice#PhilandroCastile#TrayvonMartin#EricGarner#MichaelBrown#countlessothers ...
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