Sukyi McMahon
Criminal Justice Policy Director

Sukyi provides strategic planning and direction for AJC’s criminal justice policy team. Inspired by an activist father, Sukyi began her work as a human rights activist with Refuse & Resist! in 1999, and works full-time to reimagine and transform safety and justice in her community and beyond. 

On the national scale, Sukyi works for Columbia University Justice Lab as the Manager of the Square One Project’s Roundtable on the Future of Justice Policy. She runs a series of public, live-streamed forums that bring together a cross-section of leaders, community members, academics, and other experts to spark transformational thinking about what we can expect for our communities and our justice system. 

Previously, she served as Policy Coordinator at Just Liberty, a bipartisan 501c(4) organization dedicated to comprehensive criminal justice reform in Texas. She draws from decades of experience in the writing and editing industry and as an entrepreneur. She has owned and operated two local businesses, Forte Resume Service and Fifth Dimension Books, and has taught literature and writing courses at Texas State University – San Marcos and Texas A&M University – Central Texas. 

She has a B.A. in literature from Texas Tech University and a M.A. in literature from Texas State University.