95.80% Support Divesting from the Austin Police Budget

#WeFund is a tool developed by the Austin Justice Coalition, Just Liberty, Texas Appleseed, and Texas Fair Defense Project, designed to involve the Austin community in the general fund budgeting process. As the national conversation around public safety rapidly evolves, this tool provided an opportunity for Austin residents to reimagine public safety, and propose how resources should be allocated.

Residents using the tool were allowed to simply click on each budget item and increase or decrease the budget of any department, reallocating funding as they saw fit below is a summary of some results.

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Statistics Overview
WeFund Submissions by Zip Code
WeFund Submissions by Zip Code
Submissions by Age
Submissions by Age
Sessions by Gender
Sessions by Gender
Items Changed by Expense: Austin Police, Neighborhood Housing, Austin Public Health, Proposed Department: Violence Prevention and Survivor Suport
Items Changed by Expense Category
Budget Increases vs. Decreases
Budget Increases vs. Decreases
Opens by Category
Opens by Expense Category
Key Numbers

Average Desired Cut to the APD Budget



Support Decreasing the Number of Austin Police Officers


Support Divesting from the Austin Police Budget


Average Public Health Budget Increase


Percent Support for Harm Reduction Investments


Average Housing Budget Increase


Percent Support for Investments to End Homelessness


Average EMS Budget Increase


Percent Support for Mental Health 1st Response


Additional Ideas Receiving Support

  • RISE Fund
  • Equity Office
  • Office of Police Oversight
  • Public Schools
  • Public Transportation
  • Parks
  • Survivor Support & Housing
  • No-kill Animal Shelters
  • Youth Programming

Detailed qualitative analysis of comments
on the survey provided by
Michelle L. Edwards, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology
Texas State University