Chas Moore

Chas Moore is an acclaimed activist and community organizer who has dedicated his life to helping Black, Indigenous, and people of color, impoverished communities, and those that suffer the brunt of systemic, institutional oppression. Under Chas’ leadership, AJC has led local reform efforts such as creating the Austin Police Department’s Use of Force policy, successfully fought against a faulty Austin Police Association Union contract, and successfully campaigned for the reallocation of $150 million from the Austin Police Department’s budget to begin the process of creating public safety alternatives to traditional public safety methods. Mr. Moore’s tenacity has garnered much recognition, including multiple awards, the 2019 Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellowship, and the 2019 Unlocked Futures Cohort backed by Academy-award winning artist John Legend. Before devoting his work full-time to the creation and growth of the Austin Justice Coalition, Chas served as a student activist fighting many social issues at The University of Texas at Austin and the rest of the Austin Community.

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