Projects & Programs

Radical Advocates Academy

Radical Advocates Academy is a year-long paid program starting in October 2022 that will train aspiring advocates on how to effectively organize and manage policy campaigns to enhance the advocacy capacity and effectiveness of not just Austin Justice Coalition but the community overall. Selected participants will receive:

  • political education,
  • skills training,
  • leadership opportunities, and
  • direct organizing and advocacy experience

Applications are closed for our cohort starting in October but check back with us next spring to find out how to apply for our next cohort!

District Organizing Project Engage

DOPE builds community power in every district and invests in deepening trust and relationships within the communities we serve to maximize our mobilization efforts. Through DOPE, we practice building and transforming with a long-term vision. 

The D.O.P.E vision: 

  • develop and invest in ongoing community relationships in each district, 
  • increase engagement with non-voters, youth, and elders of color, 
  • build leadership to effect systems transformation at the municipal level, 
  • build a grassroots ground-level strategy to promote and advance AJC’s social justice goals and mission

Building Austin School Systems

We envision Black, Indigenous, and Brown youth being fearless and living joyfully and abundantly in a world where they can advocate for themselves, their peers, and the next generation. All schools are culturally responsive and restorative, absent of police and policing, and safe learning environments where you can thrive regardless of your race, disability status, or how you identify.

To work towards that vision, we created Building Austin School Systems (BASS). BASS is a community-powered group that creates transformative change within Austin school systems by organizing, advocating and mobilizing people to boldly and radically disrupt unjust, inequitable policies and practices. 

We believe that we can create this vision collectively by:

  • Actively acknowledging and disrupting racist policies and practices
  • Committing to daily practices where everyone thrives
  • Authentically engaging community voices and advocating for policies that push school systems to do the same

Black Art Matters

 AJC hosts Austin’s foremost annual Black art exhibition uniting artists, musicians, and creatives in a fantastic display of sound, color, and incredible vibes.

Black Food Week

Treat your palette to an explosion of experiences brought about by the finest foods Black Austin has to offer. This annual event allows you to tap into the State of Black Austin 

Bro Brunch

Imagine a space where Black men have the freedom and feel safe to fully express themselves emotionally and spiritually. Bro Brunch is a forum that tears down the walls of social expectation and shifts the very paradigm of conformity.

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