Chas Moore is the founder of Austin Justice Coalition, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and grassroots, activist-led organization aimed at demanding criminal justice reform and building community at the local, state, and national levels. An advocate for the underserved, Chas champions efforts that deliberately meet community needs.

Chas Moore

Executive Director, Founder

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Amber provides leadership for our AISD focus group and is the Program Director for Higher Learning, AJC’s Saturday program for youth of color ages 5-18, based in mentorship, social-emotional learning, and community building.

Amber Watts

Director of Education

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Sukyi provides strategic planning and direction for AJC as well as leadership for the criminal justice policy team. Inspired by an activist father, Sukyi began her work as a human rights activist with Refuse & Resist! in 1999, and works full-time to reimagine and transform safety and justice in her community and beyond.

Sukyi McMahon

Strategy Director

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Frances Leigh Jordan serves as the Director of Operations and manages strategic partnerships including working with funders and writing grants for the Austin Justice Coalition.

Frances Leigh Jordan

Director of Operations

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Ishia Lynette is Austin Justice Coalitions Social Media Manager and Community Service Director. An El Paso native who moved to Austin in 2012, she began to notice commonalities happening in minority/marginalized communities and decided to use her voice to make a change.

Ishia Lynette

Board Member, Social Media Manager, Community Service

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Gaubrielle Pritchard oversees major events as the Events Director and serves on the board of Austin Justice Coalition. She enjoys engaging with the community through events that showcase black talent in the Austin while forging new community bonds.

Gaubrielle Pritchard

Board Member, Event Manager

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Kendra provides leadership for AJC’s Complete Communities Initiative and is part of the AISD Focus Team. Leaving corporate America after a decade, Kendra knew she wanted to be of use in her community. She believes, collectively, we can have an equitable, just society that values all people equally.

Kendra Garrett


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Warren Burkley is a Texas native with a history of involvement with advocacy and justice movements. As a tech professional, he works to create equity in workplaces where employees of color are often underrepresented. As a musician and painter, he is an active member of the DIY arts scene in Austin.

Warren Burkley

Community Outreach Director

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Joao Paulo is a community organizer, digital content specialist, and interpreter for asylum seekers. Currently, director of Housing and Community Development at the Austin Justice Coalition, Joao Paulo focuses on developing housing policies that address displacement and affordability.

João Paulo Connolly


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