Meet Our Team

Meet the people that dream together and believe visions are realized under multiple eyes.

Chas Moore

Executive Director

Amber Watts

Policy Manager

João P. Connolly

Organizing Director

Rockie Gonzalez

Deputy Director

Ishia Lynette

Asso. Director of Communications

Lokni Muniz

Executive Assistant

Soyla Luna

Executive Coordinator

Jay McCullar

Program Administrator

Alleyha Dannett

Digital Communications Manager

Chris Harris

Policy Director

Donald Dallas

Community Organizer

A Message From The Founder

I wholeheartedly believe that until we address the policies and practices that are intact within our local police departments, we can’t fully expect to adequately and effectively bring about the necessary changes for our criminal justice as a whole…unless we continue to elevate the voices of those individuals who are directly affected by these systems and institutions, we are going to continue to have people with no lived experiences with or within these institutions trying to come up with solutions to problems that they haven’t encountered.