Lokni Muniz

The name Lokni (pronounced Lock-nee) means Rain and Indigenous of the Miwok tribe of what is now known as Northern California. Lokni (she/her) was raised in the lands of Austin, Texas. Her Paternal family are of the original people of Austin, with incredible stories and history of the lands passed on for generations. 

She is the chosen mother of an extremely inquisitive and enthusiastic conversationalist. She enjoys discussing topics of high quality public education and decolonization. Actively dreaming of a future where black and brown folk thrive out of many oppressions. She is rooted in community and currently striving to create an even stronger connection. A born feminist and social justice advocate, with the greatest influences being her parents. 

Lokni is a devoted fan of hip hop and R&B and loves cultivating playlists. Traditional practices of beading is a most beloved and creative outlet for her right now. 

In community,


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