Soyla Luna

Meet Soyla Luna (she/her). Soyla is a Mexican American who blossomed from a poverty-stricken environment in the Dallas area and is now a 10-year resident of Austin, TX. Soyla works as the Executive Coordinator of the Austin Justice Coalition (AJC). Soyla holds over a decade of experience working in the financial services industry providing high-level administrative and operational support to multiple Executives. Despite her outstanding position and accolades, Soyla left a fortune 500 company to pursue a world-changing venture with AJC.

Soyla is a recreational artist, who enjoys acrylic painting and jewelry making. Her self-identified superpower is her innate calm, leadership, and silent strength. Soyla is looking forward to applying her skillset to the nonprofit world, having an impressive record for empowering leaders to maximize their productivity, improve efficiency, and produce positive results.

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