Black Art Matters: “Homecoming Melodies: Embracing Kin, Connection, and Liberation”

Austin Justice Coalition’s annual event, “Black Art Matters,” set for Friday, November 3rd, isn’t just an ordinary gathering— it is a purposeful, intimate celebration and annual fundraiser for the Austin Justice Coalition.

Join us for a warm evening, a fusion of artistry, community, and philanthropy under the rich theme of “Homecoming Melodies: Embracing Kin, Connection, and Liberation.”

This soiree centers the concept of “Homecoming Melodies,” which celebrates family, community, and the co-creative, physio-sonic atmosphere of familiarity and subversion that is our journey toward Black liberation. Last year, we played, danced, and held each other in the funky brightness of a cosmic afro-future. This year, however, we honor the spirit of Sankofa in recognizing that we must bring the wealth of our roots with us to go forward. There is no Black liberation, in theory or practice, without receiving the depths of Grandma’s wisdom and understanding the alchemical science of Grandpa’s gait.

In the Sankofa of the ancestral homecoming melodies, we are welcomed into our bodies, the space where we are initiated onto our unique paths to access all we need to create worlds of change by those who have traversed the path long before us. Our theme is rooted in acknowledging the creative and childlike aspects within ourselves and the solace, safety, and simplicity of creating comforting spaces for others. It’s a tribute to the bonds formed through kinship, the memories that live on through us, and the power that has always existed at our feet.

On this homecoming evening, we invite you to immerse yourself in a space filled with Black art, Black music, cherished family, friends, kinfolk, and bask in the abundant opportunities to rally behind your home team, your self, your ancestors, and – for one night, your homies and organizers at the Austin Justice Coalition.

The event is finished.

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