Bro Brunch: Black to the Basics

In 2022, the Austin Justice Coalition (AJC), created “Bro Brunch” as a space for Black Males and those who identify as Black Males, to fellowship together through brunches, mixers, and social events!

AJC’s goal is Celebrate, Collaborate, Serve, and Socialize – using our magic to inspire each and our communities.

Bro Brunch is an incredible display of Black male empowerment through conversation, education, and service. Men come together, engage in conversation and leave ready to take on the world through discussions on social justice, community involvement, and personal development. Bro Brunch aims to develop the minds and hearts of not only professional and progressive Black men, but also the marginalized.

Our goal is to Celebrate, Collaborate, Serve, and Socialize – using our cultural wealth to inspire each other and our communities.

The event is finished.

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